What is Letter Basics?

Letter Basics are educational resources designed for children to re-use, but more importantly to have fun while learning! 

Our unique, attractive designs and range of fonts help children develop the basic skills of writing, including correct pencil grip, good posture and correct handwriting movements... and they are designed and printed right here Perth, WA!

Occupational and speech therapists, early childhood educators and school teachers alike love using Letter Basics in their classrooms, therapy sessions and day care centres across Australia. 

PLASTIC PRINTS (Australia Only): Our designs are printed onto unique plastic stock that is waterproof. Use with non-toxic, washable markers or crayons and simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe. 

DOWNLOADS: Print our designs right now with no additional postage costs!




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We have been carrying the Letter Basics range at Skillbuilders Therapy for over a year now and also using them in our Occupational Therapy programmes for a while prior to that as well. They provide a great option for developing pre-writing and handwriting skills. The range is well sequenced and provides the full range of fonts in use across Australia. The texture of the laminate allows the child’s drawing movements to glide, but not slip - very important for helping them develop control while also working on their motor planning. In comparison whiteboards slip. It’s also good that children can just use ordinary textas and don’t need expensive whiteboard markers.

Penny MelsomDirector - Skill Builders

I came across Letter Basics 2.5 years ago when I became a rep for Little Wooden Toybox. At the time my oldest was 3 and attending a 3 year old kindy. There seemed to be a heavy focus amongst parents that their child be writing their name. So I bought the pre writing set of 5 and a personalised name. What a learned is that it’s the prewriting patterns that are the most vital for early letter formation. So we started practicing these a few times a week and her precision improved exponentially. The fact we could wipe them clean and use them over and over now means my younger one has started using the same set and they are still in pristine condition. And now my oldest is headed into year one with the most incredible handwriting. Every parent should own a set for their kids they’re the best!

Jessica MelloncelliParent

Letter Basics resources were fantastic to use. They were extremely useful during small group activities for revision and handwriting. The resources themselves were also sturdy, making it long lasting, even in the hands of 23 students. A reliable and useful resource which all students would benefit from at home or school.

Emily WongTeacher

Letter Basics is a fantastic durable product. They are bright and colourful which makes students more engaged and eager to use the resources.

Kharah GormanTeacher - Yr 2

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